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Speed Wedding in Denmark

From the 01.01.2019, new rules for international weddings apply in Denmark.

You must now submit copies/pics in best quality of these documents - for example with WeTransfer - LINK


Documents required from German citizens and persons resident in Germany:


1. valid identity card/Personalausweis or passport. Non-EU passports and passports for foreigners must be valid for at least 5 months

2. Anmeldebescheinigung/Meldebescheinigung/registration certificate with the date of registration

3. residence permit, student or au-pair visa or working visa

4. if widowed or divorced: death certificate, final divorce decree.


Documents that citizens resident in other EU Member States need:

1. valid passport or identity card;

2. if widowed or divorced: death certificate, divorce decree or divorce certificate or other proof of dissolution of marriage;

3. proof of address (registration card / address stamp from the passport / identity card / telephone, electricity or Internet bill etc. / bank letter or other proof of address).

Required documents for persons resident in non-EU countries:

1. valid (at least 5 more months) passport with Schengen visa (or entry stamp, if you are from a visa-free country). It is not possible to get married in Denmark if you have an overstay for the Schengen Area on your visa or tourist/visitor stamp!

2. address proof (registration card / address stamp from the passport / identity card / telephone, electricity or Internet bill or a bank letter or other proof of address);

3. final divorce decree or divorce certificate with registration number or death certificate with apostille or legalization.

For all: If you have one or more common children: Birth certificates

Certification/Legalization: endorsed with an Apostille, if the document is issued in a so called Apostille country (Link), or legalised by the Ministry of Justice/Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as by the local danish embassy in the respective country. A legalization issued by a german consulate will not be recognized in most cases. An overview of all danish embassies and consulates you find here Danish Embassies Worldwide (Link)

Documents issued in all EU countries as well as in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Turkey and USA have not to be certified.

If you can not provide all documents in the manner as stated above, we will find in most cases a solution for you.

All documents must be issued in or translated into German, English or Danish language. Translations of foreign papers must be translated by a certified or sworn translator (for example, in Germany translations are made by so-called „beeidigte Übersetzer“). Translations from outside Europe have to be legalized as well.

Important! We need a filled in and signed (by bride and groom) Order Form (link) and a Power of attorney (link) in order to forward your documents to the examination board..

All documents have to be send to ourThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. preferred as scanned copies in good quality and in colour. You may also send photos via WhatsApp to +49 163 439 19 83. Do not cut the corners and edges of the documents! If your scanner automatically cuts the edges, place the documents at a slight angle in the center of the scanner surface and place a sheet of white paper on top of the document to be scanned.


You receive a list of documents from our agency, including all documents which have to be presented in original when registering at the registry office. If original documents are missing at that personal registration, it may happen, that the registry office refuses a wedding appointment. Nevertheless, in such a case, our service is considered satisfied, because you are responsible for the accuracy of the data submitted and completeness of all entrained documents.

The arrangement charge paid to our agency will not be refunded in case you do not show up at the wedding appointment. Please note Terms and Conditions