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Speed wedding in Denmark - Heiratsagentur Karina® - Wedding agency

Especially binational couples get married in Denmark and save time and money!

We arrange your marriage appointment in Denmark as soon as possible and even on Saturday

Just 0 or 1 day of stay in Denmark

Your wedding in Denmark is

legal, non-bureaucratic and recognized worldwide.

NEW: Same-sex couples can get married as well.

Heiratsagentur Karina® - Wedding agency

Our goal is to offer the perfect solution to those couples who have difficulties finding a convenient date at a civil registry office for their wedding in Germany or in other countries.

We fluently speak German, English, Tel.: +49 30 756 50 185
Information in Russian: Tel.: +49 157 334 67 784
Information in Portuguese, Russian and English just via Viber or What`sApp:
+49 177 638 57 27
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We arrange an appointment for your wedding in Denmark quickly and easily. In addition, we inform you individually and in-depth about all the necessary steps that need to be taken.

Not only bi-national couples enjoy of the benefits of a wedding in Denmark

since the process is:



…and you don´t need to worry about the paperwork that usually makes it complicated for bi-national couples to get married in Germany and many other countries
…the international marriage certificate will be obtained in five different languages and is recognized in Germany, Russia, USA and around the world.


Arrangement fee for our services starts with 265,- Euros and with 295,- Euros for a marriage in Copenhagen per couple, payable after the confirmation from the marriage office.
The fee for the marriage office amounts 70,- € and is not included.