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Get married in Denmark - Get married in Copenhagen

With or without accommodation - Wedding on Saturdays too

Appointment for your express wedding is always available, even two days after we have received your documents, the wedding can take place.

This is the solution, especially for bi-national couples, because neither a certificate of no impediment to marriage nor a certificate of birth are required.

New: Wedding on the mainland without non-marriage certificate - no costs for ferry!

Even same-sex couples can marry in Denmark without any problems, authorities in Germany, in the US and other countries, will accept the certificate of marriage. 

Of course your wedding in the Kingdom of Denmark is legal, completely unbureaucratic and needless to say, recognised worldwide. The legalisation of your marriage certificate, endorsed with an Apostille, will be sent to you by mail for 38,- €.

For couples which can not marry in Germany - Link , in Austria - Link , in Switzerland - Link or other countries because of a missing certificate of no impediment to marriage or a missing certificate of birth, it is our aim to offer the perfect alternative: Wedding in the Kingdom of Denmark within 24 or even 12 hours!

All civil registry offices in Denmark have specific rules. These rules often differ regarding the required documents and their attestation. We only cooperate with registry offices, that basically require a legalisation such as an Apostille for a divorce decree or rather a certificate of divorce and a certificate of death only from Non-EU-countries. But there might even be exceptions. Furthermore we work together with three registry offices that do not require a non-marriage certificate at all.  Even very special cases stand a chance.

Wedding Agency Karina® organises a wedding appointment for you in Denmark as soon as possible and gives you expert and competent advice not only in German and English but also in Russian and Portuguese.

Not only bi-national couples from all over the world appreciate the advantages of a wedding in Denmark.  German couples cherish a very special ambience for their wedding such as in the town hall of Copenhagen or on the beach of an island in the Northern Sea. You can fulfill and finally legalise your happiness according to your personal taste.

Multiple registry offices with different prerequisites are available in Denmark, so that your very special wishes will come true. Our registry offices have no holidays, and weddings take place from Monday to Saturday.

If you arrive by car, railway, coach or plane, with or without accommodation, Wedding Agency Karina® reserves the wedding appointment at the ideal registry office in Denmark. In the greater area of Copenhagen, we work together with three registry offices.

Trust in experience and competence of Wedding Agency Karina®, the agency with a success rate of 100%!